Introduction to my blog…

This is a general introduction to me and the blog I will be posting. My name is Luke, I’m 19 years old, approaching 20, but don’t remind me of that, it makes me feel old. I currently study English Literature and Journalism at Staffordshire University, which is going okay on the whole. My main interests in life are probably sports, music, fashion and entertainment. However, I’m open minded and willing to explore other issues. I also take an interest in the news (sometimes) which is probably good considering I study Journalism, and hope to one day write for newspapers. The aim of this blog is to cover the events occurring in the world that influence or move me in some way. This means I’m going to (try) too write and express my opinions on various issues, if it’s controversial or you disagree with what I say then post your feedback and I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible. Hopefully what I write will be insightful, unique and interest you.


61 Responses to “Introduction to my blog…”

  1. looking forward to stealing ideas from this blog

  2. Maybe he has better ideas then me is that a problem at least i have some originality, batman

  3. Nathan Mayers Says:

    This is the best blog I have ever read Luke…
    wish I could come up with something this good :/

  4. do you watch neighbours!

  5. What as in the Australian soap opera why in gods name would i watch that, or do you mean my actual neighbours what the hell is wrong with you, also what does it have to do with what i said before?

  6. yes as the soap opera not your neighbours don’t speak to me like that!

  7. well i normally don’t but when someone wont answer a simple question i get frustrated and instead of answering a question you change the subject to something totally bizarre it really pisses me off!!

  8. :O Maybe Ellison80 has mental health issues? Have you never considered this possibility, you could be mocking an innocent person.

  9. im the one who suggested he was a bit mental… I can’t help being racist or hating on mental health issued people.. fucking pricks!!!

  10. I hate arguing but this kid annoys me!!!

    • Nathan Mayers Says:

      Tom, that is disgusting behaviour!
      I’m ashamed in you.
      I can see this blog is gettting better and better 😀

  11. elison of course i want to be friends, check out my blog and il check out yours!!

  12. so do you watch neighbours yes or no?

  13. because i watch that and eastenders and corrie!

  14. luke i think he wants to hear your views on soap operas, so get on it!!

  15. you watch neighbours all the time then yes? what about eastenders and corrie?

  16. so are you going to chat to me today or not?

  17. yes ringo died last night donna was really unhappy because it was their first month wedding celebration ! now for the tram crash I read that the tram is going to hit the newsagents!

  18. last night kate confessed that she was responsible for ringo dying
    and donna went absolutly nuts ! claming that she never wanted to speak to kate ever agian !

  19. i am from england!

  20. tonight in neighbouirs it is Ringo s funeral and tensions are rising between Zeke and Declan because they start having a disagreement about who was the better mate to Ringo ! i can also tell you that the car later runs out of petrol and Donna ends up having to walk to the country town where Ringo
    grew up in !

  21. are you for real??

  22. that is a tricky one? i think that my best charchter would have to be zeke!

  23. mine has to be kate ramsey shes pretty cute dont you agree?

  24. i am just about to start watching the live episode of corrie!

  25. did i tell you that i have got loads of girlfreinds?

  26. gotta go talk monday yeah?

  27. what do u mean comment on new blogs which ones?

  28. i have added more blogs to my folder . did you watch neighbours! yes or no?

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