Haye vs Harrison… The battle to be King of Britain.

Boxing fans all over Great Britain are eagerly anticipating the upcoming all British match up between David Haye and Audley Harrison on November 13th. The fight is proving to be extremely intriguing for a number of reasons. Firstly, Audley Harrison has a history riddled with empty promises and claims he has never lived up too. It must be remembered that the main achievement of his career was Olympic gold won in Sydney; some ten years ago.  He also has a European Heavyweight title to his name after defeating Michael Sprott, which in my opinion was down to a minor lack of concentration on Sprott’s part. A combination of dropping his guard, mixed with Audley’s bull of a left hand has led to the current state of circumstance. Had Sprott defended himself potently for the final round he would of picked up an easy points victory over Harrison. This would have surely closed the book on one of boxing’s most disappointing and frustrating careers. However, luck was with Harrison that day and here we are 6 months later with a fight the Klitschko brothers have dubbed “The Battle of London“. A rather crude and obnoxious statement when you consider the two men they most recently fought (Shannon Briggs and Samuel Peter.) I believe Audley is better than both of these men and that is why this fight will prove to be far more interesting than the past two Klitschko fights.

Audley finds himself with a much greater problem than he has ever had to deal with in his career. David Haye is ten years younger than him and will have no intention of relinquishing his crown to a man on the brink of retirement. If Haye trains as well as he talks then it could be a very short and sweet fight. The main concern I have about Haye in this fight is his current state of mind. With one eye on either of the Klitschko brothers there is the chance he could become complacent, and not train as well as he should. This could open the door for Harrison to come in and steal the title. Haye’s superior speed and ability to weave in out, dodging blows and being elusive should be too much for the slow, ageing figure of Audley Harrison. The one and only question mark about David Haye’s fighting prowess lies in his ability to take a punch. Many critics question his chin and observe it to be a weakness. This is something he will have to prove to people. I believe this ties in with Audley’s one and only advantage over Haye. Punching power. Everybody knows when he lands cleanly with a big shot the results are devastating. Here lies his main hope of winning the fight.

Realistically and honestly I do not expect Harrison to land a ‘hayemaker’. Audley has broken too many promises before and let too many people down. In the video below Haye mocks Harrison “A-Farce” which is symbolic of a career which has struggled to obtain a period of stability and prolonged success. One could argue Harrison’s career has reflected a roller coaster. However there have been far too many downs, outweighing the ups. David Haye must surely recognise that a defeat to Harrison would be disastrous for his career, and this should be reason alone to not take the fight lightly. If Haye loses this fight he can kiss goodbye to the opportunity of facing either of the Klitschko brothers. Who are looking for any excuse to avoid the Londoner. My prediction for the fight is a TKO stoppage in favour of David Haye. I expect him to take Harrison apart and put on a real exhibition for the fans. In my opinion if Audley Harrison won this fight it would be one of the great sporting upsets in recent times. One thing is for sure, the hype surrounding the fight is huge. But on November 13th there will be no hiding place for either men, and they both must live up to the claims they have made. Will Haye retire Harrison? Or will Harrison achieve his goal of becoming a World Heavyweight Champion? All will be decided on the night when somebody will be crowned the King of Britain.


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