Is alcohol poisoning the young community?

I know what you’re going to think, great another OAP or government official moaning about the influences alcohol has on society… well actually you’d be wrong to assume that. I’m a student and I actually think alcohol does have an adverse affect on people within society. A recent survey carried out by Professor David Nutt showed alcohol as one of the most harmful drugs in society. The survey looks at some of the most dangerous drugs around and rates the effects they have on the user and the community as a whole. Alcohol was actually rated more harmful than drugs like heroin, highlighting its negative impact. The article can be found here.

In my own many, many experiences with alcohol, which include a two week holiday to the Greek island of Zakynthos (Zante), one crazy week in the party capital of the world, Ibiza, and a whole freshers year at Staffordshire University, I have seen the impact and influences it can have on people. Whilst it is great fun to go and have a drink, and socialise; people must remember the after effects of drinking too much alcohol. When you wake up with that hangover you may laugh it off and think it’s the sign of a good night… But, your head actually hurts because you’ve a few killed brain cells with the amount of alcohol you have consumed. Remember, alcohol is toxic to the body, meaning it is poisonous and harmful to humans.

Anyway, despite sounding like a killjoy I do definitely enjoy ‘boozing’. It’s not that I particularly like the taste of any specific alcohol, I just love socialising with my friends and meeting new people on a night out. It’s also an excuse to let your hair down from the every day pressures of life and enjoy yourself. I recently went out on the weekend, and learnt a new way to drink. You get a bottle of an alcoholic beverage, (usually a WKD or a smirnoff Ice) put a straw in, and hold it down the side of the bottle. You then down the bottle as fast as you can and repeat the process with many drinks. Trust me, this results in getting you absolutely hammered. This is a picture of me below after doing a few too many ‘strawpedos’.

Is this really how you want to end a night?

Is this really how you want to end the night? Lying on the floor, embarrassed and with no recollection of what happened the next day. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but remember, alcohol should always be drank with consideration.


3 Responses to “Is alcohol poisoning the young community?”

  1. This reminds me of my own fiendish behaviour.

  2. Rianne Says:

    What a great blog, but he looks a right mess!

  3. yes i think that it is poiisoning all young teenagers!
    its almost like a drug dont you agree?

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