Defiant Don still aiming high

Don Broadhurst

Birmingham born Don Broadhurst still has eyes set on becoming a multiple boxing champion despite his most recent defeat to Najah Ali on the magnificent seven fight card.

Broadhurst who has had over 90 amateur bouts believes he can still resurrect his professional fighting career, and go on to achieve glory at British, Commonwealth, European and even World levels.

The Flyweight who most recently fought at Bantamweight is currently recovering from a displaced rib and isn’t worried about who he will fight next.

“I don’t have a clue who I’m going to fight next; I don’t really focus on these issues too much. I am more concerned about getting myself ready.”

The man from Birmingham, who began training as a ten year old at Kingsbury road community centre, will be looking to emulate one of his boxing idols, Sugar Ray Leonard, as he plans to make his impact on the world stage.

“Sugar Ray Leonard had it all in and out of the ring; talent, looks, intelligence, respect, dignity, dedication, the whole package. He is a living legend and a true gentleman.”

Broadhurst’s past achievements include Commonwealth gold in Melbourne 2006, and the Commonwealth title which he held from October 31st 2008 to December 11th 2009.

He admitted that although he hates not being able to train, he has been making the most of his spare time by socialising with his family and friends. He has also been following his beloved Aston Villa.

Broadhurst’s professional boxing career consists of 13 fights, which includes 11 victories and 2 defeats.


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