Hate to say I told you so…

So, Saturday night all of Britain are sat around their television sets. We’ve all paid for David Haye vs Audley Harrison, and are about to watch it on sky box office. Not a cheap fight at just under £15 either. Everyone is hyped up for a super fight after the amount of hype and publicity it has received. Some people even went as far as truly believing Audley Harrison could win… not me. I’ve said before that this fight was an extreme mismatch. However, saying that the last thing I expected to see was one measly jab thrown by A-farce Harrison. In my opinion his strategy to try and fight David Haye on the counter was a stupid tactic. He was not the quicker fighter, or the lighter fighter, so he needed to try and assert his authority over Haye. He needed to press on and make his weight advantage count. Instead he chose to sit back and Haye picked him off with consummate ease.

I was left furious but not surprised after the 3rd round. Mainly because Audley did not take that much damage. It was the first real flurry of punches Haye had thrown and Harrison was on the canvas ready to give in. Yes, he got up and beat the count, as he told us numerous times in his post match interview where he was desperately searching for any positives to take out of the fight. But the fact of the matter is, Audley Harrison is a disgrace to boxing. He offered nothing on the night, after promising so much to his loyal fans.

The fight had an air of pathetic fallacy about it, Audley Harrison’s entrance music ‘Phil Collins’In the Air Tonight” is a song that ultimately builds up to the climax which comes at the end of the song. Was the hidden meaning suggesting Harrison’s climax would come at the end of his career? If that was his hope then it failed miserably, with his song being cut off before it reached the crescendo of banging drums. Thus, much like his career, Harrison’s entrance song ended in an anti climax. But credit must go to David Haye who had the perfect game plan and predicted Audley’s game plan to a t. Haye also seems to have moved on and forgotten the ‘bad blood’ between the two men. Something most certainly introduced to promote the fight. Although it must be a lot easier for him knowing that he is moving onto bigger and better things, i.e. Wladimir Klitschko. In contrast it must be a whole lot harder for Audley knowing his career has ended in humiliating circumstances. Surely there is no way back now for the man who once won Olympic gold ten years ago. Audley should retire now after earning a reported £1.2 million from the fight, that is far more than his performance deserved, something the BBBC are considering looking into. It is probably fitting that Audley “A-farce” Harrison’s career has ended with a farcical display.


One Response to “Hate to say I told you so…”

  1. i m not all that keen on boxing the very idea of getting punched in the face is really scary to say the least i prefer snooker!

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