Inappropriate Muslim behaviour.

BBC panorama have recently investigated Islamic text books and found inappropriate content within them. The books contain detailed descriptions and diagrams on the chopping off of hands and feet- punishment for theft in Saudi culture. The books also condone anti-Semitic behaviour. As homosexuals are persecuted within the books; execution is promoted as a punishment for gay sex. This is just another example of militant Muslim behaviour- a growing trend in today’s society. To read the blog click here.

I was recently horrified to see some members of the Muslim community burning poppies on remembrance day. This is without a doubt one of the most disrespectful and unthoughtful actions I have ever seen in my life. For a start this day is meant to be about all British citizens paying their respects to the fallen soldiers who have defended this country from harm. We should all be proud of the soldiers who have fought for us on this day, and should not have to worry about a minority disrespecting our people. The actions of those Muslims that day have left me furious and actually questioning what they are trying to achieve…

Firstly, I am not a racist person, I have many different multi ethnic friends, and to me religion should never be a barrier preventing any friendships. I also accept that not all Muslims are extremist in their views. However, they are given a bad name by this groups of extremist’s whose thoughtless actions represent badly on their community as a whole. Regardless of that though it must be said, if any white Christians/ JewsJehovah’s witnesses or any other form of religion went into a Muslim country and conducted this type of behaviour all hell would break loose. The people committing the actions would be either killed, or locked up.

Secondly, people need to remember the country that we live in is Britain, more specifically for me, England. This is a country with predominantly Christian/ Protestant roots. Therefore these are the main religions of the country. Hence, these religions should be respected by anyone emigrating into the country. I’m pretty sure this would be expected of me if I moved into a Muslim community, so it should be enforced here. Recently people of Lichfield refused to allow the construction of a mosque. An action which caused scandal among the Muslim community. I actually applaud the decision as it proves some people left in England have a backbone. Why should we give in to the demands of an aggressive Muslim community? It is not up to me to preach religion or tell people what they should and shouldn’t do, but if a religion blatantly disrespects the morals and ideals of a country they should not be rewarded with the construction of a holy building.

Overall my main problem with the Islamic religion is its refusal to mesh within the British culture. There are many other religions which have successfully integrated into the British society; Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and many other religions have managed to make the transition, so why does there seem to be so much conflict when it comes to the Muslim community? This is a question I don’t know the answer too, and doubt that I ever will. I recently watched a film the other day called ‘The Kingdom’. The film documents the behaviour of four American secret service members investigating a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. At the end of the film, a little Muslim boy’s family have been killed and one of his relatives asks what his dying father had told him… “Don’t worry, we will kill them all one day.” This to me is highly reflective of the militant Muslims attitude, they want to kill anyone who opposes the Quran, and destroy other religions. This leads me to believe that the issues will never be solved as no compromise can ever be found.


3 Responses to “Inappropriate Muslim behaviour.”

  1. interesting blog luke, i completely agree when you say that the burning of a poppy is unquestionably one of the worst things to of ever happened.

  2. Understandable views and I agree. We, the British people and government are wrapped up in a situation that can’t and seemingly won’t be solved any time soon!

  3. I agree as well setting fire to things is not the right way to solve problems!

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