First piece of work published!

As a studying Journalist the aim is to always get published. I recently covered a young and upcoming striker, training with the Kidsgrove Athletic FC reserves. Hoping to break into the first team, click the link here, to learn about how he hopes to break into the first team. I was pretty surprised to see it published, as I had never ever been published before. I tried with a few local newspapers from home, but they all knocked me back. So to eventually get published, even if it is a small site, is quite a nice feeling. It also inspires me and motivates me to try and get more published! Fingers crossed I can get some new material published.


3 Responses to “First piece of work published!”

  1. Ling Chang Says:

    You know to delete that Justin Bieber post you uneducated fool.
    He’s a worldwide popstar and what are you? some poxy student “trying” to make something of his life.

    • Uneducated? Why would I be studying at University if I am an “uneducated fool”, don’t hate on me just because I’ve got a different opinion to you… and yeah we’ll see where I am in a few years, I think I’ll be doing better than you 😉

  2. hey there luke you allright today?

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