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Introduction to my blog…

Posted in Introduction on 02/11/2010 by Luke

This is a general introduction to me and the blog I will be posting. My name is Luke, I’m 19 years old, approaching 20, but don’t remind me of that, it makes me feel old. I currently study English Literature and Journalism at Staffordshire University, which is going okay on the whole. My main interests in life are probably sports, music, fashion and entertainment. However, I’m open minded and willing to explore other issues. I also take an interest in the news (sometimes) which is probably good considering I study Journalism, and hope to one day write for newspapers. The aim of this blog is to cover the events occurring in the world that influence or move me in some way. This means I’m going to (try) too write and express my opinions on various issues, if it’s controversial or you disagree with what I say then post your feedback and I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible. Hopefully what I write will be insightful, unique and interest you.