Inappropriate Muslim behaviour.

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BBC panorama have recently investigated Islamic text books and found inappropriate content within them. The books contain detailed descriptions and diagrams on the chopping off of hands and feet- punishment for theft in Saudi culture. The books also condone anti-Semitic behaviour. As homosexuals are persecuted within the books; execution is promoted as a punishment for gay sex. This is just another example of militant Muslim behaviour- a growing trend in today’s society. To read the blog click here.

I was recently horrified to see some members of the Muslim community burning poppies on remembrance day. This is without a doubt one of the most disrespectful and unthoughtful actions I have ever seen in my life. For a start this day is meant to be about all British citizens paying their respects to the fallen soldiers who have defended this country from harm. We should all be proud of the soldiers who have fought for us on this day, and should not have to worry about a minority disrespecting our people. The actions of those Muslims that day have left me furious and actually questioning what they are trying to achieve…

Firstly, I am not a racist person, I have many different multi ethnic friends, and to me religion should never be a barrier preventing any friendships. I also accept that not all Muslims are extremist in their views. However, they are given a bad name by this groups of extremist’s whose thoughtless actions represent badly on their community as a whole. Regardless of that though it must be said, if any white Christians/ JewsJehovah’s witnesses or any other form of religion went into a Muslim country and conducted this type of behaviour all hell would break loose. The people committing the actions would be either killed, or locked up.

Secondly, people need to remember the country that we live in is Britain, more specifically for me, England. This is a country with predominantly Christian/ Protestant roots. Therefore these are the main religions of the country. Hence, these religions should be respected by anyone emigrating into the country. I’m pretty sure this would be expected of me if I moved into a Muslim community, so it should be enforced here. Recently people of Lichfield refused to allow the construction of a mosque. An action which caused scandal among the Muslim community. I actually applaud the decision as it proves some people left in England have a backbone. Why should we give in to the demands of an aggressive Muslim community? It is not up to me to preach religion or tell people what they should and shouldn’t do, but if a religion blatantly disrespects the morals and ideals of a country they should not be rewarded with the construction of a holy building.

Overall my main problem with the Islamic religion is its refusal to mesh within the British culture. There are many other religions which have successfully integrated into the British society; Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and many other religions have managed to make the transition, so why does there seem to be so much conflict when it comes to the Muslim community? This is a question I don’t know the answer too, and doubt that I ever will. I recently watched a film the other day called ‘The Kingdom’. The film documents the behaviour of four American secret service members investigating a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. At the end of the film, a little Muslim boy’s family have been killed and one of his relatives asks what his dying father had told him… “Don’t worry, we will kill them all one day.” This to me is highly reflective of the militant Muslims attitude, they want to kill anyone who opposes the Quran, and destroy other religions. This leads me to believe that the issues will never be solved as no compromise can ever be found.


Aston Villa, going forward or backwards?

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This is probably the question on many Villa fans minds at the moment, as we are currently in the middle of a rather up and down season. Martin O’Neil‘s departure at the start of the season laid down the precedent. Then the will we, won’t we appoint Kevin MacDonald as MON’s successor didn’t help. Thankfully we didn’t choose MacDonald, not that I have anything against the guy, I just don’t believe he’s cut out to be a manager in the Premier League. Which led to the appointment of Gerard Houllier… Good or bad appointment? I can’t decide.

Firstly he hasn’t been in the job long enough for me to make a solid judgement. However, judging him on results thus far it has been a topsy turvy start. For example, we should have beaten both Chelsea and Manchester United, and only took a point out of both these games. Although, before the start of these games most Villa fans would have taken a draw. Houllier hasn’t been bad, there just appears to be too many draws currently. The only two disappointing results would have to be the 2-1 defeat to Stoke, and the 1-0 loss to Sunderland. This would tend to suggest Houllier is too cautious? Many Liverpool fans labelled him ‘boring’, I hope this is something that turns out to be untrue.

Many people should remember that Aston Villa aren’t a top four team, this is perhaps one of the problems with our fans. We demand a lot from a team that is currently going through a transitional period. We have youngsters like Marc Albrighton, Barry Bannan, Ciaran Clark and Nathan Delfouneso all coming through. Clearly these players are all talented, but they are young and will make mistakes. Villa fans need to be patient and let these players get the vital experience they need; as they could provide a solid foundation for the team in a few years.

Overall it will be interesting to see how much/ if any money Houllier has to spend in January. I would expect to see him bring in French players, as he has a vast amount of knowledge about French football. As long as these players are good enough to take the team forward I don’t have any issues with this either. The real answer to whether Houllier is a good or bad appointment will be based on the final league table. I believe the best we can realistically achieve is 7th, maybe 6th if we have a good run. It appears as though only time will tell if we are club going forwards or backwards.

Tattoo’s, good or bad?

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Tattoo’s are always a subject that divide opinion. Some people believe they are cool and fashionable, others hate them; calling them tacky and distasteful. Trying to be as unbiased as I can (because I have two tattoo’s myself) I will try to evaluate whether they are a good or bad thing.

Firstly a tattoo should never be something that a person rushes into. In my case I considered the first tattoo I had for well over a year. When I was happy with my decision I then set out to find a tattoo parlor with a well established reputation. Never, ever go on a spur of the moment trip to any old parlor. People should remember that needles are involved in the application of a tattoo, and if needles are unclean then there are huge risks, like AIDS. This may sound stupidly obvious but a tattoo is something that should be well thought out.

Tattoo’s in society are most definitely frowned upon. There is a good chance if you have a tattoo in a place that is on show, i.e. below your elbow, on your neck etc then you will be at a disadvantage in a job interview. Is this wrong? Yes. However there are still people in society who are prejudicial of tattoo’s, claiming they are “unprofessional”. Tattoo’s are still banned in some areas of Japan as they have previous associations to Yakuza gang violence. Police in Japan don’t want to promote this type of image to easily influenced youths.  Thus conveying that there are still places in the world were tattoo’s are heavily frowned upon.

My friend, James Marshall, currently has a half sleeve down his left arm. He isn’t bothered about social opinions, because he has strong views on the matter himself. “If people want to judge me on my tattoo’s then let them. A tattoo is artwork on my body, I don’t have it for other people. It is for me and I am proud of mine. The social opinions on tattoo’s are changing for the better as they are becoming more and more common place, meaning they are more socially acceptable. This inspires me.”

When I think of my role models in life, David Beckham springs to mind immediately. This is because I am a huge football fan, and also because he is an extremely likable character. He has covered himself with tattoo’s all over his body in the last few years, admitting it is an addiction. Therefore many people feel inspired to have a  tattoo, as they see people like David Beckham embracing tattoo’s. Is this a good or a bad thing? I feel as though this depends entirely on the tattoo itself. If it is tasteful, or more importantly, if the owner of the tattoo likes it then yes, it is a good thing. Personally I can relate to David Beckham as he is a source of inspiration for me.

Some people argue “Won’t it look horrible and wrinkly when you are old?” to this I respond, “Won’t the rest of my body look like that anyway? What difference will a bit of ink make if I’m going to be old and disgusting anyway.” On a serious note, who’s going to see my body when I’m 80 years old anyway? And who’s to say I’m going to survive until I’m an old man. To me, the question asked above is extremely pessimistic as there are too many undetermined factors which could take place. So for me if you want a tattoo go for it.

On the whole people should remember that  a tattoo is someone’s choice. Everybody is different, and everybody has the right to their own tastes and opinions. In my opinion as long as a tattoo is applied in the correct procedure, with the correct facilities in place, then there is no problem what-so-ever. Of course people will disagree for various reasons and they are entitled to their opinions, but no-one will stop me adding to my collection of tattoo’s and David Beckham is correct: tattoo’s are certainly addictive.

Credit goes to George Joshua Harrison for the photography. Click here to check out his blog.

Blackberry is back!!!

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Well as the title says, I finally got my blackberry back. Which means I’m very, very happy! I had to wait about three and a half weeks, and I even had to drive all the way to Lichfield, but I don’t mind, because I’ve got it back!! I was sick to death of using the crap Nokia with its special ‘flash light’ feature. It’s already making a big difference having it back as I can know take horrible pictures of people again, muwahaha. I can also check Facebook off my phone again now to fill in those awkward silences with random people. Its crazy how technology can make such an impact on people’s lives.

One of my many sneaky photo's

Talking of technology all the geeks have been locked away in doors playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. I had a go the other day, I thought it was fairly good, but I don’t understand how so many people can dedicate themselves to the game. I mean people follow it like a religion, are they really that sad? And do they really not have better things to do? I sure wish I could waste my life away playing Black Ops…  Incidentally the boy in the photograph above wants to steal a cow haha.

Hate to say I told you so…

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So, Saturday night all of Britain are sat around their television sets. We’ve all paid for David Haye vs Audley Harrison, and are about to watch it on sky box office. Not a cheap fight at just under £15 either. Everyone is hyped up for a super fight after the amount of hype and publicity it has received. Some people even went as far as truly believing Audley Harrison could win… not me. I’ve said before that this fight was an extreme mismatch. However, saying that the last thing I expected to see was one measly jab thrown by A-farce Harrison. In my opinion his strategy to try and fight David Haye on the counter was a stupid tactic. He was not the quicker fighter, or the lighter fighter, so he needed to try and assert his authority over Haye. He needed to press on and make his weight advantage count. Instead he chose to sit back and Haye picked him off with consummate ease.

I was left furious but not surprised after the 3rd round. Mainly because Audley did not take that much damage. It was the first real flurry of punches Haye had thrown and Harrison was on the canvas ready to give in. Yes, he got up and beat the count, as he told us numerous times in his post match interview where he was desperately searching for any positives to take out of the fight. But the fact of the matter is, Audley Harrison is a disgrace to boxing. He offered nothing on the night, after promising so much to his loyal fans.

The fight had an air of pathetic fallacy about it, Audley Harrison’s entrance music ‘Phil Collins’In the Air Tonight” is a song that ultimately builds up to the climax which comes at the end of the song. Was the hidden meaning suggesting Harrison’s climax would come at the end of his career? If that was his hope then it failed miserably, with his song being cut off before it reached the crescendo of banging drums. Thus, much like his career, Harrison’s entrance song ended in an anti climax. But credit must go to David Haye who had the perfect game plan and predicted Audley’s game plan to a t. Haye also seems to have moved on and forgotten the ‘bad blood’ between the two men. Something most certainly introduced to promote the fight. Although it must be a lot easier for him knowing that he is moving onto bigger and better things, i.e. Wladimir Klitschko. In contrast it must be a whole lot harder for Audley knowing his career has ended in humiliating circumstances. Surely there is no way back now for the man who once won Olympic gold ten years ago. Audley should retire now after earning a reported £1.2 million from the fight, that is far more than his performance deserved, something the BBBC are considering looking into. It is probably fitting that Audley “A-farce” Harrison’s career has ended with a farcical display.

Defiant Don still aiming high

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Don Broadhurst

Birmingham born Don Broadhurst still has eyes set on becoming a multiple boxing champion despite his most recent defeat to Najah Ali on the magnificent seven fight card.

Broadhurst who has had over 90 amateur bouts believes he can still resurrect his professional fighting career, and go on to achieve glory at British, Commonwealth, European and even World levels.

The Flyweight who most recently fought at Bantamweight is currently recovering from a displaced rib and isn’t worried about who he will fight next.

“I don’t have a clue who I’m going to fight next; I don’t really focus on these issues too much. I am more concerned about getting myself ready.”

The man from Birmingham, who began training as a ten year old at Kingsbury road community centre, will be looking to emulate one of his boxing idols, Sugar Ray Leonard, as he plans to make his impact on the world stage.

“Sugar Ray Leonard had it all in and out of the ring; talent, looks, intelligence, respect, dignity, dedication, the whole package. He is a living legend and a true gentleman.”

Broadhurst’s past achievements include Commonwealth gold in Melbourne 2006, and the Commonwealth title which he held from October 31st 2008 to December 11th 2009.

He admitted that although he hates not being able to train, he has been making the most of his spare time by socialising with his family and friends. He has also been following his beloved Aston Villa.

Broadhurst’s professional boxing career consists of 13 fights, which includes 11 victories and 2 defeats.

Is alcohol poisoning the young community?

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I know what you’re going to think, great another OAP or government official moaning about the influences alcohol has on society… well actually you’d be wrong to assume that. I’m a student and I actually think alcohol does have an adverse affect on people within society. A recent survey carried out by Professor David Nutt showed alcohol as one of the most harmful drugs in society. The survey looks at some of the most dangerous drugs around and rates the effects they have on the user and the community as a whole. Alcohol was actually rated more harmful than drugs like heroin, highlighting its negative impact. The article can be found here.

In my own many, many experiences with alcohol, which include a two week holiday to the Greek island of Zakynthos (Zante), one crazy week in the party capital of the world, Ibiza, and a whole freshers year at Staffordshire University, I have seen the impact and influences it can have on people. Whilst it is great fun to go and have a drink, and socialise; people must remember the after effects of drinking too much alcohol. When you wake up with that hangover you may laugh it off and think it’s the sign of a good night… But, your head actually hurts because you’ve a few killed brain cells with the amount of alcohol you have consumed. Remember, alcohol is toxic to the body, meaning it is poisonous and harmful to humans.

Anyway, despite sounding like a killjoy I do definitely enjoy ‘boozing’. It’s not that I particularly like the taste of any specific alcohol, I just love socialising with my friends and meeting new people on a night out. It’s also an excuse to let your hair down from the every day pressures of life and enjoy yourself. I recently went out on the weekend, and learnt a new way to drink. You get a bottle of an alcoholic beverage, (usually a WKD or a smirnoff Ice) put a straw in, and hold it down the side of the bottle. You then down the bottle as fast as you can and repeat the process with many drinks. Trust me, this results in getting you absolutely hammered. This is a picture of me below after doing a few too many ‘strawpedos’.

Is this really how you want to end a night?

Is this really how you want to end the night? Lying on the floor, embarrassed and with no recollection of what happened the next day. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but remember, alcohol should always be drank with consideration.