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Russia to host 2018…What a disgrace.

Posted in News, Sports with tags , , , , , , , on 02/12/2010 by Luke

Well, I have recently just saw that Russia have been given the right to host the 2018 Fifa World Cup. It’s a sorry state of affairs when the home of football can’t host the biggest event in football. I must say, as a huge football fan this has left me feeling very angry. For one, many of Russia’s stadiums that are being used for the world cup haven’t been built. This means the Fifa delegates who voted on their bid have based their vote on video technology of the what the stadiums might look like. To me, this is an absolute joke. Who the hell knows how a stadium is going to turn out??!! Also, look at all the problems Wembley had with the turf after it was built. Who’s to say the same thing won’t happen in Russia? Secondly the fact we sent a royal prince, and the Prime Minister David Cameron and STILL got eliminated in the first round of voting seems to suggest we’re never going to host the world cup. What is it Fifa have against the English? This was the England bid video.

Various flashbacks come to me. Firstly England vs Germany in the summer. A blatant, obvious goal wasn’t given. A goal that would have changed the course of the game, I have no doubt Germany wouldn’t have beaten us as easily if Frank Lampard‘s goal had been allowed to stand. I can’t remember the referee or linesman who didn’t give that goal receiving any  disciplinary action. Fifa were probably happy England were knocked out. Another flashback that comes to mind is the Chelsea vs Barcelona 2009 game, were Chelsea were denied a number of blatant penalties. Prompting suggestions that there was a Fifa conspiracy to not have two English teams in the final two years in a row. Both times I was left furious at the incapability of the referees Fifa had delegated to officiate on these matches. After all these referees are supposed to be the best in the world, and yet they are incapable of making obvious decisions, something smells fishy to me…

On a side note, to complete an absolutely farcical day Qatar were awarded the 2022 World Cup. Why does the world want to see a World Cup in Qatar? Please tell me… For a start the Qatar national football team are awful. They have never qualified for a world cup, and never will. Apparently the bid team impressed the Fifa delegates with the idea of knocking the stadiums down after 2022 and giving the parts to third world countries. While this is a nice thought, it’s probably because Qatar will never need a football stadium again.  Do they even care about football? Or Association Football as those posh idiots at Fifa call it. For me this is a very sad day, this proves the roots of football have been lost, and the idiots in charge at the top don’t have a clue with what they are doing with it.


Tattoo’s, good or bad?

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Tattoo’s are always a subject that divide opinion. Some people believe they are cool and fashionable, others hate them; calling them tacky and distasteful. Trying to be as unbiased as I can (because I have two tattoo’s myself) I will try to evaluate whether they are a good or bad thing.

Firstly a tattoo should never be something that a person rushes into. In my case I considered the first tattoo I had for well over a year. When I was happy with my decision I then set out to find a tattoo parlor with a well established reputation. Never, ever go on a spur of the moment trip to any old parlor. People should remember that needles are involved in the application of a tattoo, and if needles are unclean then there are huge risks, like AIDS. This may sound stupidly obvious but a tattoo is something that should be well thought out.

Tattoo’s in society are most definitely frowned upon. There is a good chance if you have a tattoo in a place that is on show, i.e. below your elbow, on your neck etc then you will be at a disadvantage in a job interview. Is this wrong? Yes. However there are still people in society who are prejudicial of tattoo’s, claiming they are “unprofessional”. Tattoo’s are still banned in some areas of Japan as they have previous associations to Yakuza gang violence. Police in Japan don’t want to promote this type of image to easily influenced youths.  Thus conveying that there are still places in the world were tattoo’s are heavily frowned upon.

My friend, James Marshall, currently has a half sleeve down his left arm. He isn’t bothered about social opinions, because he has strong views on the matter himself. “If people want to judge me on my tattoo’s then let them. A tattoo is artwork on my body, I don’t have it for other people. It is for me and I am proud of mine. The social opinions on tattoo’s are changing for the better as they are becoming more and more common place, meaning they are more socially acceptable. This inspires me.”

When I think of my role models in life, David Beckham springs to mind immediately. This is because I am a huge football fan, and also because he is an extremely likable character. He has covered himself with tattoo’s all over his body in the last few years, admitting it is an addiction. Therefore many people feel inspired to have a  tattoo, as they see people like David Beckham embracing tattoo’s. Is this a good or a bad thing? I feel as though this depends entirely on the tattoo itself. If it is tasteful, or more importantly, if the owner of the tattoo likes it then yes, it is a good thing. Personally I can relate to David Beckham as he is a source of inspiration for me.

Some people argue “Won’t it look horrible and wrinkly when you are old?” to this I respond, “Won’t the rest of my body look like that anyway? What difference will a bit of ink make if I’m going to be old and disgusting anyway.” On a serious note, who’s going to see my body when I’m 80 years old anyway? And who’s to say I’m going to survive until I’m an old man. To me, the question asked above is extremely pessimistic as there are too many undetermined factors which could take place. So for me if you want a tattoo go for it.

On the whole people should remember that  a tattoo is someone’s choice. Everybody is different, and everybody has the right to their own tastes and opinions. In my opinion as long as a tattoo is applied in the correct procedure, with the correct facilities in place, then there is no problem what-so-ever. Of course people will disagree for various reasons and they are entitled to their opinions, but no-one will stop me adding to my collection of tattoo’s and David Beckham is correct: tattoo’s are certainly addictive.

Credit goes to George Joshua Harrison for the photography. Click here to check out his blog.